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Updated: 2/21/17 — Health Post and This: 70% of Americans on Prescription Drugs :: Revelation 9:21 – Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, (possibly meaning of drug use) nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

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Study: 70 Percent Of Americans On Prescription Drugs  —

Drug Abuse:
(Rev. 9:21) Everyone knows what drugs are today. The Bible also may
make mention of drugs. In the book of Revelation the word sorcery
has the Greek word pharmakeia as its root. This is where we get the
word pharmacy. When it says, “they repented not of their sorceries,”
it could mean they repented not of their drug use.


Some drugs may be needed for medical conditions — but all the anti-depressant stuff is most likely non-sense and a lot of drugs needed for medical conditions possibly wouldn’t even be needed, if a ‘Sherpa’ type of diet was in place — a person needs to know what foods to eat and not to eat.  

Processed Supermarket foods, Sugar (table sugar it may be or maybe refined sugar) Bread (that is not fermented) White Flour — Is like doom.

Here’s my 200 Million Cents 🙂 ::

Avoid all Soy, unless it is fermented soy (Natto Cheese). Avoid supermarket cereal.

Avoid nitrates, (lunchmeats?) aspartame and msg it may be — All Processed foods, Soda’s too — cancer may feed off of sugar. Sugar may sideline the immune system for like 5 hours, so if there’s always sugar in the diet throughout the day, (i.e. soda) possibly not good at all. (see this video it may be) Sugar from fruit should be no problem — maybe 1 to 3 fruits a day.

A Whole Foods diet (like one ingredient vs like 20+) — Preferable Grass fed animal foods, (you want animal fats: eggs, butter, (Kerry Gold or from a grass fed farm) chicken, Steaks, Hamburger) Organic fruits/vegetables, (Beef/Calf Liver/Wild Alaskan Salmon) Fermented/Sprouted Breads, Raw Milk maybe, Soaked Beans is the direction to head. Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and maybe Palm Oil is good –.

Regarding Sugar: 30 grams (6 teaspoons a day) for Women and 45 grams (9 teaspoons a day) for Men are allowed — above sugar found naturally in normal (real) food i.e. fruit — using half that recommendation or less may be wise. There are two good Sugars to buy: 1 – 2 — This is good too: Stevia

You want good cholesterol from above, not cholesterol from below. The Immune System is located in the gut, there is a serotonin receptor it may be in the gut too and brain — cholesterol is good for that. Your Immune system can probably heal anything, but if your body/blood-stream it is not getting: Vitamins/Minerals/Good Fat too maybe, from the diet — it’s not good.

Phytic Acid = Your Enemy, blocks vitamins and minerals it may be, is in Regular Breads, Beans and Cereals it may be (just avoid normal cereal no matter what). Fermented bread/soaked beans good.  (articles)

Regular Cereals, Refined Grains, Hydrogenated Oils, Margarine, Regular Bread, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar or too much sugar, supermarket processed (& low-fat ‘Health’) foods, you may be saying hello to a problem in the future.  

Good Article: What’s the Real Cause of Heart Attacks?

Check out:

FoodforLife — Bread, Cereal

Nourishing Traditions 

20 Healthiest Foods on Earth

Vitamin rich foods

Natural News

Raw Milk may be good — Grass Fed Animal Food may be wise. 

Crushed Garlic Cloves, sit for 5 or 10 minutes = Good.

Good Salt: Redmond’s Real Salt — Himalayan Salt (pink color) 

Vitamin D from Sunlight — 10 Minutes or more = Possible Real Good (direct mid-day sunlight in summer?) — own thought: sunlight for 10 minutes or more at any time may = wise.

Cancer — 1 out of 3 may get it — see video, watch on mute — Holistic Doctors may be the way to go with everything — |

Top 10 most unhealthy, cancer-causing foods – never eat these again!

Good Article: What’s the Real Cause of Heart Attacks?

Vitamin K2 = Good — (High Vitamin Butter Oil) from animal sources and maybe other sources – (Natto Cheese), Gouda Cheese, Cheddar Cheese maybe. Vitamin K2 puts calcium where it’s supposed to be it may be, {maybe out of arteries & into bones} Avoiding Hydrogenated Oils, most cereals/breads, crackers = wise. — Fermented or sprouted grains = wise it may be. (Cayenne Pepper) — I eat pasta and my teeth are ok with it. (Semolina Pasta may be good)

Good Fat/Cholesterol (Hamburgers, Eggs) = Wise —- Low Sugar/No High Fructose Corn Syrup = wise

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) may be named that, because if you eat Processed Supermarket Food you’ll probably have to take Pharmacy drugs. 

The Standard American Diet is called the SAD diet — I kind of believe it.  

Internet Search words for like good stuff: Fermented (Bread)  food, Sprouted food (Bread), Whole Foods, Raw Food

cure tooth decay — this guy like saved my life — 

High Vitamin Butter Oil

Blessings, Shalom


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