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The Hour May Be Real Late

This is a decent part of a post I wrote in the Forum at on 8/29/09 🙂

(Updated – 5/12/18 — words in blue below, updated 5/12/18 also)

But You Brethren are not in Darkness that, that Day (The Rapture or Second Coming) – {it really doesn’t matter which one because they’re only separated by 7 Years} should overtake you as a Thief, for you are all Children of Light…

Now if we are not in Darkness and we have:

  1. Daniel’s 70 Weeks ( Daniel 9:27 ) Able to be Interpreted correctly and on The Radar.
  2. Israel as a Nation for the First time in like 2,000 Years.
  3. The Book of Daniel 12:4 ::: But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: (Daniel’s Book and Words can be Interpreted In Today’s Day & Age ! ) many shall run to and fro (car and air travel), and knowledge shall be increased (Internet – Nuclear Weapons).  Increase in Knowledge Article
  4. WWI & WWII —– WWIII = No More World – Nukes
  5. Abortion = 60+ Million in the USA (updated – 5/12/18)
  6. Pornography – More money than all Professional Sports Combined I guess here in the U.S.
  7. Economy questionable – Presently The U.S. is $21+ Trillion in Debt –
  8. The U.S.A with Obama as President — things seem to be heading to a Socialist/NWO type of Direction — 
    • Charlotte Iserybt — “necessary for United States’ participation in a socialist one-world government scheduled for the early years of the twenty-first century” —  
    • Socialism is Possibly Communism Light — Communism is like a Cloak for Satanism —
    • A One World Gov’t is like the Plan or Goal of The Illuminati — The U.N. logo may mean or means: Victory Over The World Through The Occult. (Logo – Map of World/Laurel = Victory/8 Point witchcraft wheel) 
  9. Seven Point Plan of Communism :: A history of the New World Order – Part 1 & 2
  10. Evolution in School
  11. The Depravity of The Music and Hollywood.
  12. Divorce at 50% – People lovers of Pleasure more than lovers of God – Fornication I will venture to say is Rampant. (Divorce at possibly 40% – 50%)
  13. Homosexuality a factor — (Gay Marriage/U.S. June 2015 )
  14. The Courts? or The Supreme Court – Disgraced with taking God out of School and allowing Abortion.

Going back to the original Thought: Then we must be Near Jesus Return. 

Some of God’s Glory:

My thought about God is:

God is So Powerful that it is Terrible 🙂 (It says that in Psalms I think) 

Light Travels at 186,000 Miles Per Second ! 

It takes 100,000 Light Years it may be for light to Travel just across our Galaxy.

More Perspective: 5.9 Trillion Miles equals One Light Year may be the science.

There also may be 100-200 Billion Galaxies! Each with maybe 100-200 BILLION STARS !

The Bible says God calls each Star by Name.

God is too Powerful & Definitely to be Awed 🙂

Maranatha 🙂


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