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Rapture Thinking as of 2019 :)

by on May.13, 2018, under End Times

Hello 🙂

I’m thinking presently that: 2022 and the years of 2029/2030 could be Very Important.

Right Now, I’m Hoping for a Rapture in 2022 at the Feast of Trumpets.

However, the U.N. may want a World Gov’t (NWO) in or by 2030, which could be very significant. (UN Agenda 2030)

Art used by permission by Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright 1992.
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2022 Works out with 2 Most Important or Major Things it may be: (and kind of even 3, 4 or 5 things), The Start of a Seven Year Shemita Cycle (2022 – 2029) & The Right amount of time of 2550 days for Daniel’s 70th Week of 7 Years, it may be. 

No other year either it may be, works out right with those two things for maybe a long while. These two things could be or are very significant:

  1. Shemita – 7 year cycle/Daniel’s 70th Week of 7 years may fall in-line with a 7 year Shemita Cycle
  2. Metonic Cycle/2550 Days – Certain 7 year time frames have the right amount of Days/Time for Daniel’s 70th Week of 7 years.
    • 2550 Days/7 years from: A Pre-Trib Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashana Rapture & Daniel 9:27 to Yom Kippur/The Day of Atonement – Armageddon or Last Day of the Age.

Also, The Illuminati say or believe, they will have the world in their back-pocket between 2028-2030. This gives the time frame of: 2022 – 2029 Important Consideration for Daniel’s 70th Week, considering how evil the Illuminati are.

This info is from a possible serious source too, (in relation to the Illuminati/2028-2030) — Doc Marquis who was a witch in the Illuminati, now a Born again Bible Prophecy Christian – (however it’s possible he may still be with the Illuminati but do not know). 

2029 doesn’t work out with the 2550 days it may be, as that would be a new Shemita year. Daniel’s 70th Week of 7 Years may fall in line with a 7 year Shemita Cycle. 2022 is a possible Serious Target year. 

The Illuminati are or most likely are going to be the one’s responsible for bringing about/in the Reign of the Anti-Christ.

This video is where Doc says the Illuminati will have the world in their back pocket between: 2028-2030. (27 minute mark) [their plans may sometimes get pushed back] — But considering the state of the world presently, ‘they’re maybe 40 years ahead:’ i.e. Abortion, Immoral Culture, Gay Marriage, $21+Trillion U.S. Debt.

Also Interesting is a quote from Charlotte Iserbyt: – she is someone who may be important in these End Times:

  • Charlotte Iserybt — “necessary for United States’ participation in a socialist one-world government scheduled for the early years of the twenty-first century” —  
    • Socialism is Possibly Communism Light — Communism is like a Cloak for Satanism —
    • A One World Gov’t is like the Plan or Goal of The Illuminati — The U.N. logo may mean or means: Victory Over The World Through The Occult. (Logo = Map of The World, Laurel {victory}, & an 8 Point witchcraft wheel {the occult}) 
  • Seven Point Plan of Communism :: A history of the New World Order – Part 1 & 2

The U.S. is currently $21+ Trillion in Debt — The 666 Mark is getting near. 

All I know is I’m keeping a Watch at Rosh Hashana for the Rapture in 2022 and around 2030. If nothing happens, continuing to Store up Treasure in Heaven is the Call 🙂

Maranatha 🙂 ><>

‘End Notes:’

Cool song, however Toby Mac is possibly with the Illuminati too (he may need prayer) — There is super deception presently. A lot of the Church’s may be pointing to the Anti-Christ at the End. A Pope or Jesuit could be the False Prophet who is behind the 666 Mark it may be. The Black Nobility or top of the Illuminati, have the Jesuits as their front. They possibly have vast wealth – hence 666 Mark from a ‘Religious Person.’ 

(The Current Pope – Pope Francis, is a Jesuit and Possible Major Illuminati Person/Luciferian)

To sum up the 5 Important Things for 2022:

  1. Shemita Year 
  2. Metonic Cycle of right time
  3. The Shemita & Metonic Cycle may not happen again for awhile in the same year – maybe 20 years?
  4. Illuminati with 2028 – 2030 (Daniel’s 70th Week: 7 years long)
  5. Charlotte Isebryt’s quote.

Let’s say however, that the Shemita and Metonic Cycle may not matter — that gives 2028 -2030, and maybe every year Importance for the Rapture. However the Metonic cycle may be important, (also the Shemita) and the Rapture happening at a Feast of Trumpets may be what happens 🙂

*Gavin at End Time Pilgrim has 2019 as a credible year also, with the Metonic Cycle.  

If there’s nothing doing in or before 2022, the years 2028 – 2030 could be something ><> 

Maranatha 🙂 ><>

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