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The Decline/Fall of A Nation/Civilization – Rome/America | Hollywood, Maybe a Good Part of The TV and Commercials, The Music (Stores), And The Malls – Psalm 9:17 (para-phrase) “all the nations that forget God will be turned into Hell” | America’s Economy is in a Possible Collapse State :: America’s Debt to GDP at 100% — $17.9 Trillion Dollars (11/9/14).

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“The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence:

1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
3. From courage to liberty;
4. From liberty to abundance;
5. From abundance to complacency;
6. From complacency to apathy;
7. From apathy to dependence;
8. From dependence back into bondage

Rome’s Collapse | From: James MacDonald | From a possible Famous Book – “The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire,” written in 1787 by Edward Gibbon who studied the Roman Empire for 20 Years.

5 Reasons of Rome’s Fall ::

  1. Rapid Increase in Divorce (Selfishness) [America – 50% Divorce Rate]
  2. Increase in Taxes
  3. Mad Craze For Pleasure:  Rome – Sports ::: [America – Lust Everywhere] [Sports has become America’s King and Entertainment her Queen]
  4. Building of Gigantic Armaments (when the real enemy was with-in :: The Decadence of Their Own People)
  5. Decay of Religion – Faith Fading into mere form, becoming Weak/Useless to guide and warn the people.

Jack Kinsella at — wrote that Immigration was a reason too or the reason.

James MacDonald: small paraphrase – “We Live In a Country where people Believe God can be Mocked” ::: “Living as though there isn’t a God”

A paragraph from Woodrow Kroll’s Book, ‘ Turning Your Life Around with God’s Word:

“British Anthropologist John D. Unwin carefully studied eighty civilizations that have risen and fallen over a thousand years. He discovered that a similar pattern ran through each.  In every civilization, people started out with strong moral values and a healthy emphasis on the family. Over time, however, conservative attitudes became more liberal, and the result was the decline of society’s moral values. The family subsequently deteriorated, and society began to fall apart. In all eighty cases, the destruction of the nation was related to the destruction of the family. In most cases, that civilization collapsed within one generation of the destruction of the family unit. History proves that as the family goes, so goes the nation.”

The next two paragraphs that follow the above ::

“Unwins’ study is not good news for America. If the strength of the family’s moral fiber indicates the strength of society’s moral fiber, no wonder we’ve come unraveled. When the Bible is not a daily part of family life, the family is sure to be fractured and society’s stability threatened.

How effective are you at implementing God’s plan in your family? If the stability of society depends on the strength of your family, and the strength of your family depends on the quantity and quality of your time in the Word, how much time does society have left?”

Looking at the Current Hour of The United States Of America = Not Good:

  1. 55 Million Abortions
  2. Divorce at maybe 30% – 60%
  3. 40% of all 2012 Child Births were out of Wed-lock – source
  4. Homosexuality – (11/9/2014) — 31 States or More for Homosexuality in the USA — Jesus Return Like the Days of Lot
  5. Rampant pornography
  6. And God being Ex-Communicated from Public Life.

Virtue, Morality, God = Blessing  | No Virtue, Morality or God = Destruction

Word To America:

Jude 7 :: Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, (sex outside Marriage) and going after strange flesh, (Homosexuality) are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

America’s Economy is in a Possible Collapse State :: Almost $18 Trillion in Debt (11/9/14) —

Forgiveness of Sins | Eternal Life With Jesus | (Jesus Blood Forgives All Sins)

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