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Ten Super Signs/Marks of The End — The End Could be very Soon — As Soon As A Seven Year Peace Deal is Signed with Israel and Others (Daniel 9:27) The 7 Year End of The World Will Begin

by on Jul.15, 2011, under God is Love

Exhort one another as you see the day approaching — Keep on The Watch for Y’shua/Jesus The Bridegroom To Return —

  1. Israel a Nation :: Reborn in 1948 — When Daniel 9:27 is signed (A Seven Year Peace Deal with Israel and Others) The 7 year End of The World Will Begin — This could literally happen any day.
  2. Nuclear Bombs that could potentially destroy the earth maybe 30+ Times Over.
  3. Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, (car/air Travel) and knowledge shall be increased— Both of these things are happening today.
  4. China can field a 200 Million Man Army – Book of Revelation (When The Book of Revelation was written, there may not of even been 200 Million People on Earth)
  5. Book of Timothy — At The End Perilous Times will come ::
    • People Lovers of Selves more than Lovers of God ::
      • Abortion USA – 50+ Million
      • Divorce USA 50% or more (maybe 65%)
      • Pornography USA – makes more money than The NFL, NHL & MLB combined
      • Depravity of The TV/Music/Hollywood
      • USA in 100% Debt to GDP – $14.3 Trillion Dollars | Gold – July 15, 2011 — $1,585.00 an ounce
      • God most likely evicted from Public Schools – No Bible/No Prayer – Evolution taught
  6. Matthew 24Increase in Earthquakes — Big Increase in 6.0+ Earthquakes in the last 100 Years — Jesus Return likened unto a woman experiencing Birth pains — will increase up until Birth/Jesus Return.
  7. We Could really be At The 6,000th Year of History — The Epistle of Barnabas says there will only be 6,000 Years. The 1,000 Year Millennium of Jesus Kingdom, may be soon!
  8. Adding this today 1/13/12 — There are 12 of 20 Countries in this web-table that have Economic Hopeless Numbers — Economic Collapse could be on the way — This could be leading to the Anti-Christ’s 666 Mark to buy/sell. [As of Today 1/13/12, The Price of Gold is: $1634.95 an ounce — And The USA is at or maybe above 100% Debt to GDP at $15.2 to $15.5 Trillion Dollars]. 
  9. Jesus Return will be like the Days of Noah — Days of Noah, wickedness great in the earth, people didn’t care/listen to Noah — Like today, people don’t care about the end so to say.
  10. Maybe all the Natural and Weather Situations — Hurricanes (maybe over the past 10 years), Earthquakes, 2 Tsunami’s – Sumatra/Japan, Tornadoes, Floods, Huge Dust Storm in Arizona, and maybe even Volcanoes — Also Fish and Bird’s Dying. — The Year 2011 – most Billion Dollar Disasters in a year in the USA — Weather Disasters.

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