Middle East Conflict July 2006



Well what is one to say.  All I know is that I should be praying and reading the Bible right now.  However I think it might be good to give my thoughts on things at the moment : )

Know one knows what is going to transpire over the next month, whether things are going to become peaceful or if there will be more escalation.  However I just want to throw this out at you, and see what you might think. 

First I just want to say that what I am about to write here I in know way claim to know any special knowledge or am trying to predict anything but what I'm about to write I think is pretty interesting.

Maybe about a year ago I bought three books on the Bible code, two by Michael Drosnin.  Well there is a Bible Code I believe for this August for a Nuclear detonation or Nuclear War I believe in Israel.  This is very interesting, given the fact that two to three weeks ago, life in the Middle East was kind of normal, so to say, then all of a sudden out of know-where, this conflict began.  The reason I am mentioning the Bible Code is because, if the Bible Code has any credibility at all, this coming August will prove if to be true or not.  There are only two things the Bible code holds my attention for, and that is, it has 2012 the earth being annihilated by a comet (possibly), and this August 2006 a Nuclear War or detonation. 


The August 2006 Code is the strongest case if any the Bible code has going for itself.  I can't stress enough how important this code is to Bible code stuff.  This code is as significant as reaching the top of Mt. Everest.

The code for August 2006 is the one.  If the Bible code is true at all, this August will prove it.  The 9th of Av, which is August 3 this year, is when the Jewish temple was destroyed twice.  It would be interesting if something happened on this day. 


These certainly are unbelievable days.  Could the beginning of the end be weeks away?  Could the Rapture be in a few weeks??  Can you honestly say to yourself, man I might be with God in three weeks.   
Know one knows, but one thing is for certain, if a Nuclear Bomb is detonated How far away could the end Be???

It could be, it could take a Nuclear detonation for a comprehensive peace plan to be signed/confirmed by the Anti-christ, or maybe the Rapture! 

If the peace plan is signed by The Anti-Christ soon, Then Iran feeling angry if Damascus gets destroyed from maybe some other Nuclear detonation, will probably fulfill the attack against Israel (Gog, Magog Battle) under this peace plan by the Anti-Christ.  This could all be very near.  ( The only thing that could delay Iran's destiny to attack Israel, is that in Ezekiel it says that Israel will be dwelling in peace and safety when they are attacked, most likely under the peace deal with the Anti-Christ ( Read The Letter ) and dwelling without walls.  Israel dwelling without walls means that they are probably going to have to dis-mantle the separation barrier/fence, and that could take 3 to 4 months? But Iran will attack Israel as stated in Ezekiel along with Russia and other countries and 5/6 of them will be killed.

Another thing is for certain:  Iran wants Israel destroyed now, today, so these things I am writing right here are certainly not no pie in the sky type of thinking, these are current facts.  So how far away could all these things be???

Let's see what happens tomorrow, that's how close everything kind of maybe is.

If the Bible Code is True about a Nuclear War/detonation in August I believe in Israel - Ariel??  Then the next two to three weeks are going to become very very intense. 

I certainly am not banking my end-time theology/eschatology on the Bible Code, however this Bible code for August, is worth the Consideration.

God Bless Everyone,

In Christ,






    Jesus : )