Some Important stuff to relay as
 of Today:  March 6, 2006 


    It seems by each passing day we are getting closer and closer to the Rapture.  I will be the first one to tell you though, that nobody knows when Jesus is going to return. We could all  live to maybe 80 and just die a  ' normal '  death as it were, or we could really be close -- weeks, months or I hate even to say it -- years, oh that hurts my ears, away from Jesus returning.  I hope He Returns Tomorrow! 

Here are three things to take to heart.  -- To give you more reason to be right with God always!


  1. The Bird Flu -- getting crazier
  • It just seems that this could really be something apocalyptic, if the worse case scenario happens with the Bird Flu making a jump to humans, it could very well be devastating.
  • We really need to hope that the bird flu doesn't become a pandemic. If it does, it will most likely be one of the judgments written in the scroll that Jesus will open, which will unlock all the judgments written in the Book of Revelation.  The Judgments will affect all people on earth, who have chosen their ways instead of God's.


  1. The Sun is becoming a little bit more of a concern.  
  • Concern with the sun doesn't surprise me one bit, because in the book of Revelation , there is a judgment where the sun becomes so hot, that it scorches people on earth and people blaspheme
    God for it. 
  • I think the stat is that eight out of the last ten years have been the hottest ever?!!?!?!?!  Last year or summer I think it was said that it was the hottest ever.  I live in Florida, and I can tell you, it gets hot outside and I'm not kidding.  I don't know how the guys that cut the grass do it.
    • Listen to this one, there is this guy at my work, I work at Meals on Wheels, and he is a Christian, Really good guy, And I was asking him I think it was:  why or how he became a Christian, and You know what his reason was?  I think it was, after sitting in his house with no A/C, he realized how hot it would be in Hell, and he was like, I don't want to go to that place.  Craziness, Huh!  
         --  I'm pretty sure that's the story, but I have to confirm it with him : ) 


  1. Marv Rosenthal
  • I just got a letter from Marv in the mail, a general letter that he most likely sends to everyone in his database.  ( I know Marv is Pre-Wrath, however let's just put that aside for now : )   Well this letter Marv wrote was really good.  I mean a really good letter.

He is thinking that we are heading for another  " Fullness of  Time. "   Just as Jesus was here the first time, when it was like the  " Fullness of  Time " for him to come into the world,  Marv is saying that it seems we are at a  " Second "  Fullness of  Time in History.  And I know a lot of Bible Prophecy people would agree with him on that point. 

His Reasons being I think were like six, I don't have the letter anymore, it was just sent too, I've got to see if I can have one e-mailed to me : )

  1. Israel a Nation
  2. Middle East Countries seem to be preparing or are preparing for war with Israel.
  3. The EU
  4. And I think knowledge explosion.


The Fullness of Time,  in Regards to Jesus arrival back to planet earth, seems to be logical reasoning!!

The Word  " Turning Point "  also seems to be an appropriate word for this time in History.


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