In the words of Matthew Henry:
"It is a Fundamental Error"
To Make This World Your Everything

God's Will For A Person in This Life Is To:

  1. Grow Spiritually - To Mature

  2. To become Christ-like - To Be Holy!

  3. To Read the Bible

  4. To Preach the Gospel to others

  5. To follow the Shepherd Jesus and His faithful Shepherds on
    Earth who care about the Next Life And Holiness more than this life.

  6. To Pray

  7. To Give Alms

  8. To Feed the Poor, Visit the Sick, Shelter the Homeless,
    Give drink to the thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, & Clothe the Naked.  - This is the judgment that like separates the people who go to Heaven and the people who don't.

  •  It's possible, I hope, that giving to Christian Organizations that do the things listed in #8,  is of equal weight.




That is on this web-site, will save Your soul if you are a not a Christian When The End of The World Happens. 


    My personal recommendation though is to choose Jesus Now! 


Eternal Life



I just want to say in Closing on this page, that God is Love, Mercy, Kindness, and Forgiving.To those who are Christians, God is our Awesome DAD : ) !!!!!!

To those who are not Christians, God is Holy and Just, Therefore He hates Sin. Jesus at His Crucifixion on the Cross was destroyed on the account of sin for all people.

The Bible says that all of Jesus bones were out of joint, Do you know how much pain That is???? I've separated my shoulder four times, and I can tell you that it is almost unbearable pain. All of Jesus bones were out of joint -- That is almost insanity, that is how much God Hates Sin.


 Jesus died on the cross For The Sins of All People, To grant To All Eternal Life. 


Take, Receive, Accept His Gift of

Eternal Life -- It is Free!!!!!! 


The Bible says too, that narrow is the way that leads to life - it's a tough path - and wide are the gates and broad is the way that leads to death, and The Bible says MANY, go the wrong way.


Hopefully you will be one of the blessed wise people of this earth who will make a good choice :)


No Greater Love Has a man Than to lay down his life for his Friends -- Jesus!
Soon to be King, Friend, Brother of all Those who Love Him!!

If You Need Help in Loving Jesus, Pray To God, For The Help To Love!!



Prayer Is The Key To Life :)



The Final Closing:


Eternally we will all exist,  Either with God or in the 


Either with God, or in the:



Lake of Fire.