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Getting Ready For A Showdown with Iran and Israel!


Today, Listening to Jay Sekulow Live,  Jay was talking about Free Speech for Pastors.  It seems Pastors of Church's are getting a bit of the cold shoulder from the IRS in losing tax exempt status if they start speaking about political stuff.  Jay is trying to get a Free Speech Restoration Act -- sponsored by Congressman Walter Jones -- through the political process. 
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The reason I write this, is this:  With I believe a ruling that was just put forth not to long ago, I believe called Imminent Domain, Churches I believe have their property at risk from being taken away. 

Well these are two things that I believe are calling cards for The Anti-Christ, just more steps making it easier for him to obtain control during the end. 

Like Gib Allen, a Pastor on the radio here in Florida said just recently,  " Most people take the Anti-Christ as serious as the Easter Bunny, "  Well let me just say, The Bible clearly presents a person who will have the world eating out of his hand literally during the End of The World.

The two legal things mentioned above, just make life that much easier for this last world leader when he appears. 

He will exercise  ' World '  control at the End, controlling Gov't, Religion, and Economy,  (along with his partner)  their agenda will be:  Pro-evil  &  Anti-God/Jesus

The Bible says through Peace this last world leader will destroy Many! 


The Letter

It seems as if the USA is getting riper and riper by the day in accepting this person when he appears.  With an all out attempt to marginalize God out of EVERYTHING possible in this country, along with the music in this country, which gets closer by the day, in winning the rights to play at the Gates of Hell, to welcome everyone entering to be Eternally Damned by burning alive forever in Everlasting Fire, I just don't know how much longer it could be, before God says, Time is up -- My Fury you will Learn.

Hence I go to John Hagee, who seems to be on Point regarding The Gog Magog Battle.  For those of you who don't know about this battle, there is a Prophecy in the Book of Ezekiel about a Battle that is going to take place.  Russia and Iran are two main countries that attack Israel in this battle.  Five-Sixths of the invading armies however are going to be destroyed, I believe supernaturally. 

Just today in an article by The Associated Press, it said something like Iran will attack Israel if the USA attacks Iran.  Why would the USA or Israel attack Iran???  Because they are close to obtaining a Nuclear Weapon, and Iran hates Israel and the USA, and where did Iran get their Nuclear ability??? Russia!

John Hagee's Jerusalem:  Countdown to Crisis -- New Book or Teaching  (Audio or Video) Series is something you should look into purchasing, otherwise just know that we could be really close to serious situations happening soon.  And I am not kidding. 

If Iran gets the Nuclear Bomb -- Pandora's Box will be open for the world, and the sky will probably soon be opening for Believer's to be Raptured out of the Earth : )

If you are a Faithful Christian, you are very wise :) But if You are not a Christian and you are reading this, you may need to get wise real fast :)  Accept Jesus for Eternal Life! Jesus is the only way to Heaven! :)


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