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August 15, 2006

















    Time for an article : )

First I want to say I love God and that's that.  Second I want to talk about Hurricanes!!!  Walking into the house today/tonight the TV was on to the weatherman with a big storm right off the East Coast of Florida, If it organizes it would be a pretty good sized Hurricane.  I've been thinking of Hurricanes over the last month or so, thinking that I can't believe there haven't been like any in The U.S. this year.  Then I started thinking about Israel, in how we've kind of had their back for the last few months, hence I'm thinking good reason for no Hurricanes.  Bill Koening, big time Prophecy guy, correspondent I believe at the White House, wrote a book called Eye to Eye,  he is convinced that every time we do something negative in relation to Israel, that there is back lash here in the USA. I tend to agree with him.

Israel is the apple of God's eye, the eye is a very sensitive part of the human body.  Hence God is super sensitive when it comes to Israel. Just coming home today and seeing the weather map and a storm sitting right off of Florida, didn't surprise me, because I was thinking I think a day or two ago about the Resolution against Israel, and I think I was thinking maybe Hurricanes. I think God might be weighing if The USA had any type of negative effect with Israel in relation to the new UN Resolution regarding Israel.  Hopefully God is going to continue giving the United States a Hurricane breather, but I may be wrong.  The next couple of months though I think the US should tread water very carefully when it comes to Israel, because any storm out in the Atlantic, God can just whip up into a nice spiral.

At the moment Israel is in a very treacherous situation with a Terrorist organization Hamas in control of I believe the gov't right next door.  The Middle East at current is burgeoning with possible Prophecy developments, it looks like a new harvest of situations could be on the rise. With Iran pursuing Nuclear Power, and most likely Nuclear weapons, the whole world needs to be on their toes.  I keep kind of thinking EMP blast.  That's where a Nuclear bomb detonated about 200 miles above say the center of the USA would totally do away with like everything electronic, sending the US back to the stone-ages in a sense.  I think that if this happens it will take place during the Tribulation.   




Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they who love Jerusalem shall prosper.


I want to pray here,

God thank you for letting me write an article here, I love You : ) And God keep me from SIN!!!!! Because God Eternity in Heaven is better than Eternity in Hell!  And God I want to be blessed and not cursed!!

God I pray for everyone reading this article that You would keep them spiritually fruitful and that You would grant them peace from evil!!! In Jesus name I pray.


The word - Don't backslide, it only takes a day at a time to fall away from God.  Like James MacDonald said yesturday and today, the more or longer you rebel against God the more difficult it is to get back.  and Dr. Michael Yousef said today, Keep Jesus as the center of your life, and something about losing one's way to the Father which has been me.  I was just like lost, lost in finding my way to the Father.  A person's relationship with God is the most important thing, more important than anything. If a certain way of life is leaving you in spiritual poverty (word from James MacDonald 8/15/06), then guess what, get out of spiritual poverty, you'll know you are in spiritual poverty because you won't be able to sing at Church and you'll lose that sweetness of the Spirit, which is Worshipping God.  Worshipping God is more sweet than anything on earth.  



           Dr. James MacDonald

      When God's Voice is Crystal Clear
             ( Part 1 )  August 16, 2006


God I love You and have mercy with me a sinner.




                                                                                                                   ETERNAL LIFE




           Jesus : )