Multitudes, Multitudes in the Valley of Decision

We'll call this picture  ' The Tower of Babel '


The title of this article sounds like modern day life, but there is coming a day like that in the future. 

All Christians need to pray for the Lost and family members who aren't saved!!! Fervently!!! 

If you are not a Christian, Trust me when I say to you -- Become One!!!  Because without God All Are Doomed!!! Make the best decision of your life today and choose to follow Jesus!!

There is coming a day in somebody's generation, and it could well be ours, that many people will be at a most perilous moment in their lives, in having to make life and death choices, physically and spiritually.  ' One of Satan's greatest ploys is having people think they have plenty of time when it comes to God.'  ( John MaCarthur ) Don't be fooled by the Devil, he is smart enough to take you out.

Don't procrastinate any longer if you are not a Christian. Come To Jesus Today!!!! And start to Follow God!!!

       Eternal Life

The guys in the picture at the top of this page didn't know what they were doing, but Moses below, knew exactly what he was doing -- Following:

The God of the Universe : )