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The Bema Seat!!!

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If you would like to bear fruit for God and work in the vineyard you are a very wise person : )

For the Lord has said the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few!

I have an awesome way for you to Save Souls and Store Up Treasure In Heaven : )

In a Microsoft Office Word 2003 Document, I have a similar working of the Letter, that is at this web-site : )

The Letter talks about Jesus, The End, The Mark, The Antichrist, Eternal Life, Eternal Rewards, etc.. : )

The Letter
Microsoft Word 2003

The letter is awesome to hand out to people at colleges/good for family/and anywhere you can witness :)  - Ask for the free speech areas at Colleges :)  {Visit Student Activities Dept} 

The letter in Word form is 2 pages, which makes it perfect for printing/copying on the front and back of a normal 8 1/2 x 11 page of paper.

Print/Copy as many pages as you would like!

There is also a basic internet plain text format that you can print - that may be 3 pages long though.

Internet print version of the Letter

Feel free to change the fonts and correct the format if the letter becomes off-center with the Word Document.

The letter may become all dis-organized when opened with any Microsoft Word Version, because I used a lot of different fonts. 

If this happens, please contact me and I will send you 3 copies, that you can use for copying!!

Also at the top of this web-page are links to two really good places to get Witnessing Material !!!!

If you have any other questions, please e-mail me! : )


Thank You And God Bless You ! : )

And Get Into Ministry : )

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