The Bema Seat     

 Also Known As

The Judgment Seat Of Christ!!



For a Christian, This is another one of those things of God where one just falls down in Awe!!

I know the picture above may look a bit foreboding, however Theo is a cool artist.  This picture showing dark colors, could be used to make a case for Those who are Christians who possibly may not do well at the Judgment Seat - I know there are times, when I am like man what a dummy I am, when realizing the future and failing to live like a Christian should. 

Here is a link to a Book, that looks really good - about:  The Believer's Future Reward!

What I write here today, is for believer's - who really want to grow in the Faith!!!  It's possible, quite a number of Christians may not have a clue about all this stuff.  I know to me, it is just starting to sink in!!! -

{ If you are an unbeliever - you will never make it to this Judgment - but instead you will wind up at The Great White Throne Judgment - where you will be Doomed forever,  for never of having received Jesus into your Life, to Forgive you of Your Sin - and To write Your Name In The Book Of Life.  You can Accept The Gift of Eternal Life Today, and be on your way to a Way Better Future!! }  Eternal Life!!

The Judgment Seat of Christ is becoming more of a factor to me in my life, in realizing that this is a True Thing!!  I for one want to do good at this Rewarding Judgment - however for some and maybe even me it may be an unrewarding Judgment.

I just want to point out to Christians too, something Dr. David Jeremiah spoke which really, really helped me, because I think I was getting greedy or all caught up with Rewards and Stuff like that pertaining to the next life  -  Well this is what helped me:  Ready??

Simple as This:  God is The Best Reward!!!!!!

If you are right with God, You have the Ultimate Reward!!!

 Because God Is Love & He Created Us & In God's Presence is Fullness of Joy!!!!

There's no doubt that rewards and ruling and reigning with Jesus during the Millennium and possibly Eternity are fully exciting things.  When given the, I believe reality, That Christians will be given more authority or exaltation??  In the next life than other Christians - This gives more reason to try and be faithful at all times.  To live Spiritually Skillful.  Fighting off temptations which are like Spiritual Nukes, praying, living God's way and not ours, are all things that will pay off at the Judgment Seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the above - I believe - from John MacArthur  : )

Being conformed into the Image of Jesus is God's will for all People.

Jesus said the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven is he
who humbles himself as a little child!!!