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Matthew 25 Rapture Blog Post discussing the Anti-Christ

   This Is A

Hello To All,

This page on this web-site is starting to take on new meaning because Iran is trying to have Nuclear ability. What does this mean for Israel, if nothing is done to stop Iran - To Be Honest when I say doom, I'm kind of not kidding.

If Iran's current President is in Power when/if they get a Nuclear weapon, he may well use it it.  He may have an apocalyptic Islamic view of how the end of the world comes about.  I think his version is that Chaos has to come about to bring about an Islamic Messianic figure called the Mahdi.  This Mahdi person is, believe it or not  - I'm going to say, is going to be the Anti-Christ whom the Bible says will be the last world leader.  This last world leader is going to be super evil, and through peace will destroy many.

The Last World Leader - The Anti-Christ { Maybe The Mahdi to The Muslims } shows his true colors 3 1/2 Years into The:
The Seven Year Peace Deal  

Where he goes into a newly re-built temple in Israel and says he's God. 

God says in the Bible that He is going to send strong delusion so that people will believe a lie at the End - who loved not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. I can't think of a more strong delusion than a billion Muslims on earth thinking that the Mahdi is going to be their Savior, when in essence he may be the Antichrist who will be their possible ultimate undoing and destruction. 

(Updated August 2010) -- {The Strong Delusion God sends during the End, may be when people Take The 666 Mark of The Anti-Christ - to be able to buy and sell} --- [When that happens, there is no turning back -- The Bible says, who-ever takes the Mark is Doomed Forever].

If Ahmadinejad's view of the End of The World, is to first start chaos, to bring about the Mahdi, believe you me, he'll be on federal express overnight delivery to get a Nuclear Bomb, and when he gets it, he'll most likely use it.  He could be as fundamentalist as a Muslim could be. 

So what does all this mean:

Possible Super High 

 Rapture Alert 

For The Church : )

Just like Noah preached for 120 years of an apocalyptic flood that would destroy the earth - All the people laughed at Noah and thought he was crazy - However God did destroy the humans from the earth with a flood back then, and only 8 people survived.  It's the same this time around, Bible People have been saying Jesus is returning, and Armageddon is coming, but just like Noah's Day, no-body really cares. 

If you are not a Christian and you don't want to lose but want to win like the 7 people with Noah - Listen to Noah, and get on the boat!!  While there's still time!!!  As you can see from the picture above, Noah is almost finished building the boat as I would say Jesus is almost finished with giving everyone in the world time to accept His Mercy and Forgiveness and Gift of Eternal Life, before God begins pouring out His Wrath upon planet earth. 

Once that happens mostly everyone in the World will be playing with a live grenade in their hands, because during The Seven Year End, it could be that people won't know if they'll live from one day to the next.  People on Earth During The Tribulation/Judgments in The Book of Revelation will still be able to turn to Jesus, but The End is going to be so destructive, that to procrastinate in making such a simple and important decision right now, of ensuring An Eternal Future in Heaven is foolish.

If you are not a Christian and are reading this article right now, This may be one of your last chances to make it to Heaven. During the End God is going to send strong delusion, so that people will believe a lie that they all might be damned who believed not (didn't love) the truth to be saved, but had pleasure in unrighteousness instead. 
(2 Thessalonians 2)

 Right now God is still offering Mercy and Forgiveness.

If you Receive The Gift of Eternal Life Today, you will be among those who will be Raptured if you are found Faithful, and thus Blessed to be kept from: 

The Hour of Trial  

Which will try all those who dwell on the earth.

Click Here, To Escape the Wrath!

Eternal Life Is In The Place !!

Praise and Glory Be To God Now and Forever and Ever!!! Amen!