He who keeps Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers : )

Peace be with you : )


Don't Be Caught Without A Wedding Garment, Because In The Words of Hal Lindsey, and mine too:
' The Rapture Could Happen At Any Moment! '


We could be moving one step closer to the Rapture with the New Gov't taking shape in Israel.  They are very pro-peace I believe, which is a good thing, but the people they want to make peace with don't want to make peace with them!!!  So what does one do???  In the old days of the Hebrew Prophets, Israel just conquered land and that was that!!  I know I've been with that mindset for a long time.  However with Jesus, The Prince of Peace, our Savior! - On The Sermon on The Mount, Jesus said Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, and bless those who curse you. 

We see the longsuffering of Christ portrayed in Israel in how they co-exist with the Palestinians.


Israel's current stance of peace, in light of what we know is going to happen Prophetically, I think is a super alarm sounding that Israel is becoming super ready to confirm a peace deal Read The Letter that will end with Jesus returning to the earth at the Battle of Armageddon. 

Olmert and Peres, I believe are two men who are dead set focused on peace in any arrangement.

People with a Prophetic sense of life know we could be on the threshold of all things being made new.

Just as a reality check too:

There are Nuclear Bombs, There is Knowledge explosion,*  There is The European Union with a seat open - numbered 666, (Jack Kinsella Omega Letterr)  is this craziness or what??!!  The USA is about to drink poison with the blood of 46 million abortions on their hands, (Al Qaida and Nuclear Bombs -- )  And hurricane season is on its way.  -- It's already starting to get hot outside here in Florida.

And Jerusalem, The Holy City, the apple of God's eye is preparing to hold a gay int'l event I believe in August. That is pretty crazy...

God really did say to Adam and Eve, do not touch or eat fruit from a certain tree in the midst of The Garden of Eden, because in the day that they would do, they would die.  Well they found out God wasn't lying, they ate of the tree and they died!!!!!!   All thanks in part to an evil angel named Satan, who would destroy every human being if he could.

However he can't because there is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Satan convinces people though that whistling past the graveyard, and hop, skipping and jumping on a merry old way to hell, is a cool thing. Let me just give a heads up from the Bible, Don't Do It!!!  The Bible says that it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a living God!  God is Holy, God is Love, And God is all powerful.  Possibly 3 billion people are going to feel God's Fury During the Apocalypse . Yes, Apocalyptic it's going to be - possibly 3 billion people dead - Insanity!  But what's more insane than that, is the people who don't choose Jesus nor repent  --  they will wind up burning alive forever in Hell,  (The Lake of Fire)  That is Insanity! 

God is no joke. A lot of people on earth, not some, but a lot, are going to find this out.  Judgment is coming man, and it is going to be bad.

Did you see the devastation of the Tsunami???  That was major, major devastation, with I think somewhere between 250,000 - 300,000 people dead.  Think of the ruin and devastation of possibly 3 billion plus people, dead.  It will be Apocalyptic.



If you want Eternal Life with God, 


We are powerless to save ourselves, call on Jesus before it is too late!


*Knowledge Explosion -- In the Book of Daniel in the Bible, God told Daniel to seal the Book till the time of the end when people would be running to and fro (probably car and air travel) and knowledge would be increased.  Well knowledge is totally increased!!  Just look at computers and cell phones and satellites and electricity, there was nothing like this until relatively recent ago in history.