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Add Virtue to Your Faith


Daniel in the Lion's Den -- A man of prayer



Blessed are we who follow the Shepherd Jesus!

I've been listening to some great teachers over the past year:

Jay Vernon McGee, Pastor Gib Allen, Chuck Swindoll, John MaCarthur, Dr. David Jeremiah

When I first got saved : )  I listened to a whole bunch of Chuck Smith tapes from Calvary Chapel : )

The Church is blessed with a wealth of information and knowledge, Blessed!

Check out the:

Living Water Section & Rapture Watchman Section

At This Site :)

This is eternal life that they know the Father and His Son Jesus Christ : )

Just as a note, I just want to say that a Pastor's job is to keep the souls of his sheep safe!!!!

The True Shepherd Jesus awaits His sheep!!!

I encourage all who read this page to add virtue to your life as the best path to take, in moving closer to Jesus,
  versus away from Him through vice.

John MacArthur
a Pastor, is one who digs deep into scripture in presenting the hard truths of the Bible,
Truths that lead to Godly living and Eternal Life with God.

As noted with a ministry mailing I received from John MacArthur, he writes or his ministry writes:  "Bible teaching is hard to find.  Many people are hungry to understand God's Word, but struggle to find teaching they can trust. 
We help fill that void and supply what people are missing. "

" Godly character is developed through the study of God's Word.  We want to help produce mature believers
who will model godly character for future generations. "

 Mature believers are good, However as you can note from the name of my web-site, I really don't know how many more future generations there will be, if any, in our current world, however only God knows!

John is a good man and has been a great help to me in my spiritual life!

God Bless John MacArthur and his Pastorship and Ministry.  He is a blessing from God to the Body of Christ.


The cross is the source of all wisdom for a believer!!