People in Israel

Hear Ye The

Word Of The Lord!!

Hello, Child of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Let me tell you briefly what is going to befall your Country in the possible near future. 

There is going to come a person who is going to confirm peace with your country and with other countries for 7 years.  There will be a one world government that will be characterized by 10 kingdoms/Countries/Regions/Zones of Power.   The person however who confirms The Peace Deal/Covenant/Treaty is evil, and will 3 1/2 years after confirming peace, go into a new temple that will be built in your land and proclaim himself to be God!

  When this takes place You need to get out of ISRAEL, Pronto!!!!!  I mean like really fast, don't even pack anything, just Run!

Run into the Hills or to Petra, Jordan - just get out of Jerusalem/Israel.

Also, there will be two people in Israel - Prophets of Old - who will not be able to be killed until 3 & 1/2 years into their preaching.  In view of people or the people of the world (TV) they will rise to heaven 3 and a 1/2 days after they are killed.  These two people will stand up for Jesus The Christ, and will expose The Last World Leader for who he is - a fraud and an evil person whom a lot in Israel may think is the Jewish Messiah.

That's The Word To You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 The Letter 

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